Sunday, October 6, 2013

we think we understand the lights over Arby's + new sticker preview!

good news everyone!
i've been working on making a 3 sticker series of uber sexy pinup monster babes, sized around 4"x variable high quality vinyl die cuts, for sale roughly around late October/early November.
first up, a revamp of a doe eyed favorite:


stay tuned for vixen number 2 next post :D

if you know what podcasts are and have not heard Welcome to Night Vale yet, please let me know exactly how deep is the hole you live in and what utilities are included. I know a girl looking to rent.

All hail the Glow Cloud/ pen
All hail the Glow Cloud (color)/ pen & photoshop
just a coupla boyfriends/pencil in moleskine

the lights over arby's sketch page/ pen & watercolor

first draft Cecil/ Sai

Carlos the Scientist/ Sai

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