Wednesday, February 29, 2012

model Franklyn Singley

new model at Sketchy this week at the Market Ave. Wine Bar!
it was truly an awesome experience and i'm so glad i went, Frankly is an amazing model~

Monday, February 27, 2012

Keith an Kate's kittentits adventure

belated birthday present for my girl Kate. Keith shuffled in there too somehow. oh well. markers and colored pencil, plus camera phone. trust me if i scanned this in it would have flattened out terribly.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just say YES

Life drawing at CIA last night. The gentleman and I attempted to get weird.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

drawings from my crummy life

 Oscar was drawn during a week where i was incredibly sick and watched nothing but Arrested Development and some Zach Galifinakis snow boarding movie. all markers.

the Nyoro~n strip is a japanese style comic where one character exudes a hope of some kind and has it shot down by another character. in Japan 'nyoro~n' is the sound effect for disappointment. this drawing of my mom actually holds up pretty well.

 this one is from a few weeks ago, drawn and painted in Sai for a Tumblr art challenge, Drop Everything and Draw Yourself NOWNOWNOW. this is how i do the internet. erry. day.

Sci Fi, Germans in Mexico, Sad Hitler

SciFi Colonial

the Thing meets a Martha Stewart craft pen. effects in photoshop. not great effects, but nonetheless.

Germans in Mexico

illustrated to the Electric Six song of the same name. pen and photoshop, edited yesterday and updated in Sai.

Um, no one is coming bro.
I drew this for Sarah initially as a memento of our first real hang out, which just happened to be Hitler's B-Day. we played undercover Hitler at the movie theater. i still like this drawing and i won't apologize. Sad Hitler is hilarious.
pen and photoshop 7.

friends friends friends

a present for a friend of mine on Deviantart, atomicfiction

these are two losers i know being losers about town. felt pen and photoshop 7.

for waltzinghippie! Photoshop 7

for Fife, his greatest love and greatest fear rolled into one tasty taco. pun not intended. all markers and pen!

squids squids squids

 The sandwich is on Sarah's wall. the Gentleman i made as a header for another site. Ball point and felt tip pen, Photoshop 7.

Paul Harvey cat girls

from the Paul Harvey meme, where you pick a cat and draw a girl based on it.

figure studies

Figure drawing studies back from Tri C days. Blue colored pencil, crayon and china marker.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

watermelon couple

for the Tumblr art challenge week two. create two original characters using one of two defined palettes. done in Paint Tool Sai.


re edited and updated of a previous piece i had on deviantart.


mother of squids

My current avatar